Installing a Hose the Right Way

July 15th, 2017

Coolant hoses are to cars what blood vessels are to people – if heater or radiator hoses fail you only have a few minutes to stop the engine before it becomes too late. Hoses fatigue and wear out over time and this cannot be avoided in most cases, but another reason why hoses fail is improper installation – and this can be avoided!

According to two on the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to hose installation are; choosing the wrong size hose and clamping them too tightly. Another pretty common mistake which is made is when people wrestle the hose into its connection using too much force resulting in cracking and braking connections. If you want to know how to remove and install hoses in the most appropriate ways, keep on reading…

Removals process


Never ever should you pull or twist a hose off a connection which has been installed for any period of time – Always cut these off. Hoses that have spent any amount of time on cars become “cemented! To whatever they are clamped to so do not come off easily.

Use a sharp knife or razor blade to cute the hose where it is connected, cutting through until you feel metal on the inside. After this you can gently pry up edges and peel the hose end off. After hose removal always ensure that you clean surfaces thoroughly before you even consider installing a new house.



If you try to twist a new hose on, it could easily break therefore you should never do this and instead you should go out and get some liquid dish detergent to use as lubricant. Spread this detergent inside your hose and then push it onto the bib, you won’t believe how easier this makes life.

Don’t forget to slip the clamps over the hose before installation this is much easier to do beforehand than it is to try to snake a clamp end around later. Make sure that you do not put the clamp on too tightly though as this leads to premature failure.



An Introduction to Chamber Machines

May 18th, 2017

Chamber machines are low cost and compact. They are perfect for companies that are just starting out. Ideal for wrapping small items such as perfume boxes and mobile phones, these machines are popular within a large range of industries, with one great benefit of them being that they are easy to use. A few great examples of chamber machines can be seen here:

Chamber machines are also easy to transport as they are on wheel and can therefore be easily manoeuvred into different places as and when needed. All they require is a plug socket to be plugged into. They are also pretty small meaning that they do not take up too much space. Some people even have this style of shrink wrap machine in their homes.

There are so many advantages of chamber shrink wrapping machines; however some of the ultimate benefits include the following:

  • Good value for money
  • Perfect for those with smaller businesses either looking for basic machinery
  • Great for those with limited space
  • East to transport
  • Can wrap eight items per minute (on average – each machine differs slightly)
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Options for rent or purchase

Chamber Shrink Wrap Machine Limitations


Chamber shrink wrap machines provide an affordable solution for those looking to wrap products, and because of this they are incredibly popular within many industries. However, these machines cannot run themselves and therefore require constant attention; also they are only able to wrap one item at a time. If you are looking for a more comprehensive machine that can wrap items not only quicker, but wrap a wider variety of items including items in a selection of sizes and shapes, you should looking into other shrink wrapping options – such as manual and semi-automatic wrapping machines.




Chamber machines are both easy to use and economic to run. They are robust, low-maintenance and offer the greatest shrink wrapping technologies. These machines are suitable for use with centre-fold shrink films.


If you are for any reason unsure as to whether these machines are suitable for you and your business needs, then we would highly recommend speaking with a reputable supplier today who will no doubt be able to guide and advise you further. Shrink wrap providers hold vast amounts of knowledge regarding shrink wrapping and always know what the best machines to use are.

















Moving House Checklist

March 21st, 2017

Moving house is known to be incredibly tedious and stressful. With so many things to consider and do, it can often get on top on people. This is why today we are going to provide a comprehensive moving house checklist, to ensure that people are able to move in the least stressful ways! Keep on reading for great tips and advice…



Two months before moving


  • Arrange your mortgage, finding a provider and setting it in place ready for your move
  • Hire a conveyancing solicitor
  • Research the area that you’re moving to
  • Organise for your children to move schools and order their new uniforms
  • If renting, inform your landlord regarding your moving date so that they are aware
  • Ensure that your insurance cover your move, if not upgrade
  • Buy a file so that you can keep all documentation regarding you move together


Six weeks before moving


  • Start to collect packing materials such as cardboard boxes
  • Compare removals quotes and hire a removals agency to assist you, the earlier you do this the cheaper it will be
  • Make a list of your possessions
  • Start to deice what you need to take with you are what you’re best leaving behind


One month before moving


  • Talk to your solicitor about exchanging contracts and finalising moving dates
  • Confirm your moving date with your chosen removals company
  • Book storage facilities if you require them
  • Organise for your new home to be cleaned by professional cleaners on the day before you move in
  • Order carpets for your new house and arrange for them to be installed
  • Start packing the things that you are not going to need
  • Clear out the lost, shed and attic
  • Arrange for your utilities to be transferred


Two weeks before moving


  • Make sure your first aid box is stocked up
  • Arrange child and pet care for on your moving day
  • Cancel local services such as newspapers, window cleaners and milk deliveries
  • Start to eat all of the food out of your freezer


One week before moving


  • Prepare a moving day essentials kit
  • Try to finish near enough all packing and label boxes
  • Gather all keys to your current property
  • Arrange for your mail to be redirected
  • Defrost your freezer
  • Make sure all washing is done
  • Inform relevant people of you address change including family and friends
  • Arrange a time to collect your new house keys


One day before moving


  • Check everything is packed and that nothing has been neglected
  • Pack a box of things that you are going to need straight away such as pjs and wash bags
  • Fully charge your mobile phone
  • Remind friends and relatives that are helping you


On moving day


  • Take readings of all utility metres
  • Check all windows are locked securely




Mentally Tough Recruiters are Successful and here’s why

July 29th, 2016

One personality trait makes recruiters stand out above the rest and that is, mental strength.

Mental strength is important for a number of reasons; it helps us to negotiate obstacles, bounce back form rejection and much more.

Here’s why mentally strong people are great in the recruitment game:

Rec 2 Rec London

  • Mentally tough people do not take rejections personally or beat themselves up when they make mistakes, instead they see these things are learning experiences and better themselves going forward. Mistakes and rejections are actually seen by some as a chance to learn.
  • Mentally strong people often prepare back up plans for when things do go wrong, so that when things go wrong they can jump straight to their next plan instead of letting it upset them.
  • Mentally tough people do not give up; they will keep trying and trying until they reach their end goals.
  • They do not waste time feeling sorry for themselves, every day is a new day and they just keep picking themselves back up from the ground.
  • Many people are often put off by difficult challenges and tasks, but not mentally tough people; instead they thrive on the learning experiences in which they provide them with.
  • Confidence is key, if you believe in yourself you are much more likely to perform to a high standard.

If you are looking for a leading Rec 2 Rec London company to assist you, GSR2R are the company to contact. You can visit their website here today:

Give your garden the structure it needs – with stone

September 4th, 2015

As summer draws to a close, many people will be recalling how they have used their garden over the past few months. Some may have enjoyed the space, but wished for more diversity. Other people may not have used their gardens very much at all; for reasons such as allergies, possible mess and also the belief that there is not enough space. In fact, the reflection on how gardens have been used over summer often causes people to think about ways they can change their outdoor space, for the better.

A secure structure

Garden steps

The answer lies with stone installations. Stone can be considered important, especially where you have a smaller garden space. It can provide a neat and level surface which can be utilised for a number of different things; including supporting outdoor furniture, putting out garden pots and also offering a highly attractive surface. There a number of varieties of stone which can enhance a garden space, with popular options including limestone, sandstone and granite.

Furthermore, stone can be cut into a number of features which can make the most of areas which are limited in size. Garden steps can introduce elevation and add layers, for example. When stone is used it is also a marker of quality, and this is often incorporated into patios, rockeries and paths. With so many options available, bringing value to your garden also, a secure investment really does lie with a stone option. For many people, this is an opportunity to avoid the hassle of lawns yet allow for a positive appearance in aesthetics.

Keep In the Warmth All Year Round with Power Flushing

March 18th, 2015

Everyone with a radiator in their home will have experienced it.

The beautiful heat which typically keeps homeowners cosy has started to wane. The rooms are getting colder and when pressing down on the radiator, the presence of heat is absent. It’s lukewarm, despite the gauge being on full, and it may seem like a faulty heater, but it’s just in need of a power flush.

Why Flush?

Power flushing is the process of removing all the built up materials which have clogged the heating system up over time. It’s a natural occurrence and power flushing should be seen as a routine check up to keep things ticking how they should be.

The process should be performed by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer, to make sure the process of flushing out the junk is performed professionally and without any hitches. The process involves pumping cleaning chemicals through the system which causes the excess materials to break down and allow proper circulation, as it once was.

Without the right tools and chemicals in place, the job can only be completed to a substandard level, which will only result in lukewarm heating returning soon after.


power flush services London



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